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Welcome at the website of the tugboat Assistent and the “Opduwer” Assistentje


The tugboat Assistent was build in 1903 at a ship-yard at Vrijenban (now part of the town Delft). At first it was equipped with a steam-engine but after the war the engine was replaced with a diesel engine. The present engine (1962) is a Stork Ricardo with 3 cylinders, max. revolution 650. (technical details see "Gegevens")

On the site there are the following tabs witkh details of the history and photo's:

⇒ "Gegevens" gives details of the technical site of the ship, engine, reverse gear and screw.

⇒ "Historie / Geschiedenis" gives details of the history , the names and the owners.

⇒ "Historie / Assistent 1903" gives historic photo's of the ship and his owners between 1903 and 1947, then still equipped with the steam-engine. It also shows the displacement of the wheel-house to the front of the ship, before the steam-pipe. In this time the ship was used on the river "Maas" in the south of Holland and in Belgium.

⇒ "Historie / Thean" gives historic pictures of the boat around 1950. It was named "Thean" in that time and was used on the river "Maas" for towing coalschips from the south of Holland (Coalmines) to Amsterdam. In that time the ship had also a severe accident in a lock, where almost the wife of the captain drowned.

⇒ "Historie / Beco" gives historic pictures of the boat around 1960. It was named "Beco" in that time and was used by the reclamation of the polders in the "IJsselmeer".

⇒ "Historie / Stern" gives historic pictures of the boat around 1975. It was named "Stern" in that time and was used at the ship-yard "Merwede" as workship. After that time it was taken out of active duty and transformed to a recreation ship.

⇒ "Historie / Assistent Nu" gives pictures of the boat in recent years, As you can see we have changed the colour setting of the boat from light green to black, to give the tugboat the necessary sturdy look.

⇒ "Techniek / Machinekamer" gives pictures of the Stork engine, the reverse gear, the airpump and the air tanks necessary for starting the engine. Also you will hear the engine. There is also a video showing how we have to start the Stork Engine.

⇒ "Techniek / CVO" gives all the work we have done according to the new European guidelines.

⇒ "Werfbeurt" gives pictures of the dry maintenance at the ship-yard Molenaar. This has te be done every 2-3 years.

⇒ "Sinterklaas" gives pictures of our important task for savely landing, every year in November, St Nicolaas, friend of all the children, in the town Vianen.

⇒ "België” gives pictures of our vacations to België in 2011 and 2017 with the boat elevator of Ronquières and the boat lift of Strépy Thieu.

⇒ "Assistentje" De “opduwer” Assistentje was presumably build between 1925-1930 in the north of Holland in the place Foxhol in the province Groningen. In that time these “opduwers” were build in series to push the sailing boats and barges who were build without a motor. During the restoration we have repowered the boat with a Samofa 2 cylinder engine 28 HP. The pictures shows the restoration, the repowers with the Samofa engine and the completed ship.

We sold the "Opduwer" in 2015.